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My name is Jennifer Gallman, and I am so excited that you're checking out my blog!

First, I am a new mom of an eight month old! He has completely changed my life, and he's the wonderful reason I've been missing from my blog.

Next, I am about to start my eleventh year of teaching 10th grade English at one of the biggest high schools (sometimes THE biggest) in South Carolina. Actually, school starts back tomorrow for teachers, so I'm not too excited right now :).

I graduated from Woodruff High School in Woodruff, South Carolina in 2002. If you Google it, you only get pictures of the football team/stadium. To this day, I still attend Wolverine football games because the fans are awesome. It's small town, Southern football at its best!

From high school, I received my BA in English from USC in Columbia. I graduated in 2006 and moved to Clemson, SC (another small town known for its football team) where I earned my Masters in English. I started teaching at Dorman High School in 2008, and I've been there ever since. Last month, I earned my Educational Specialist degree in Literacy from Converse College. Soon, I will start my doctorate from USC and come full circle!!!

I met my husband at WHS (high school sweethearts, aww), and we went to college together. We got married in 2007 and are living happily ever after. So far, no pets or kids, just the neighbor's dogs and our little cousin.

My husband has a very successful website at http://www.oh-the-horror.com/, and he also writes for efilmcritic. Four summers ago, he suggested that I start a YA blog since I love to read and write. Plus, we teachers tend to get a little bored in the summer.

So here I am! I hope you enjoy!

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