Thursday, October 22, 2020

Review: Throwaway Girls

There’s nothing better than a page turner, and Andrea Congo’s delivers with the thriller and socially conscious THROWAWAY GIRLS from Kids Can Press, released in September 2020. ⁣

⁣Caroline is where every senior wants to be: a few, short months from high school graduation. Attending an elite private high school, Caroline is trying to show her parents than she can be the perfect daughter and the perfect student. The problem is: Caroline’s mom doesn’t support Caroline’s homosexuality, and not only does she feel like her mom has abandoned her through her lack of unconditional love, but the girl Caroline loves has moved to another state. ⁣

⁣Caroline is left with a broken heart and a broken family support system. ⁣

⁣On top of all of that, Caroline’s best friend is missing under mysterious circumstances, and she’s not the only girl in to be missing. Not many books begin with the main character finding a dead girl’s body in the woods. And while this isn’t Madison’s body, it begs the question: why are so so many girls dying in Caroline’s town? And why is the police only looking for Madison? ⁣

Contos keeps readers guessing with clues from the first chapter as she takes readers on a dangerous journey to find Madison before it’s too late...if it’s not already too late. ⁣

Beyond the book being a thriller, Contos dives into LBGTQ topics as well as includes commentary on teen health with the dangers of vaping. Contos is definitely a YA author to start watching! ⁣