Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Review: The Sisters of Straygarden Place by Hayley Chewins

“Because the cost of light is darkness.”⁣
Out for publication (@candlewickpress) in September, Hayley Chewins creates a magical new world for young readers. Straygarden Place is no ordinary house, and the Ballastian sisters are no ordinary sisters. ⁣
Mayhap, Winnow, and Pavonine Ballastian were brought to Straygarden by their parents who were seeking botanical research. ⁣
For reasons unknown, they leave the girls with explicit instructions: “Do not leave the house. Do not go into the grass. Wait for us. Sleep darkly.” Being stuck in a place is hard, even a magical house like Straygarden that takes care of every material need you may have, and Mayhap catches Winnow sneaking outside into the grass. That’s where the book begins. ⁣
What follows is a mystery filled with magical, talking objects and an unbroken bond between sisters as they fight to save Winnow from the silver poison.⁣
Chewins invents unique vocabulary (dog=droomhund) and labels for her characters, human and inhuman, as well as a story never told before.⁣
Readers are transported in and through Straygarden as each room in the house, each page in the book, presents a new adventure. 

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