Friday, June 26, 2020

Review: Illegal by Francisco X. Stork

Set to release in August, Francisco X. Stork’s follow-up to Disappeared does not disappoint. ⁣
Brother and sister Emiliano and Sara are in the United States after crossing the border, desperately fleeing for their lives. With them is a cell phone carrying valuable evidence to bring down a dangerous cartel. To give her brother a chance and turning the phone over to the right people, Sara turns herself in to a border detention center to apply for asylum. One there, she realizes she shouldn’t have trusted the U.S. government as much as she thought. Does her life even matter in the border camp? Emiliano, rescued by a horse after crossing, has found a local he trusts and has been doing work for him, but now it’s time to get the cell phone in the right hands, and the only way to do that is to go to Chicago with his father with whom he has no relationship or trust. ⁣
Chapters alternate between Sara and Emiliano which fuels the fast-paced dual narratives as readers hold their breaths for Sara and Emiliano’s safety. Checkpoints and intimidating guards leave readers tense and hopefully give them a sense of what migrants feel as they enter the United States for a better, safer life. ⁣
Illegal is perfect for teens who love action as the book almost leaves you breathless and turning the pages for more!⁣

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