Sunday, September 30, 2018

Bundle Up by Jennifer Sattler

Following the success of Dirty Birdies and Jungle Gym, Bundle UP uses humor and visual cues to help toddlers identify primary and secondary colors. Starting with a pair of yellow mittens an adorable purple hippo prepares to go outside and play in the snow. 

You can nurture early literacy skills, create positive interactions, and just have fun with this series! The books also include fun activity pages!
Overall Thoughts

Even though my son is already ten months old (!!!), I am pretty new to teaching him colors and numbers, the basics that he will need for learning and development. I am now always on the lookout for books that will teach him those new skills and words as he begins to recognize and remember things every day. Bundle Up is the perfect introduction to primary and secondary colors for infants and toddlers. The colors used in the book are vivid, and the cute hippo displays the yellow mittens, green scarf, red coat, and blue hat with adorable pride. The font size is large enough for young children, and the clean pages on the left effectively display the colors, allowing for the contrasting colorful pages on the right. At ten months old, my son loves to flip through the pages, and while he can't quite read the words, he recognizes the images and colors on the pages. This book will definitely be a daily read for us.

About the author

Jennifer Sattler didn't always want to be an author and illustrator. When she was in third grade her teacher, Teacher Marty, mentioned that she was 40 and had never had a cavity. Jennifer thought that Teacher Marty was “ the bees knees” so she decided that she would be a dentist when she grew up and vowed never to have a cavity. Jennifer went on to become an artist. She pretended to be a grown up for several years, teaching college students how to paint and draw. But when her kids were born, her inner goofball could be contained no longer!  Her passion was making kids laugh and making picture books. She’s not a dentist. But… still no cavities! (

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