Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Best From the First Half of 2017: Delivery by Aaron Meshon

Delivery by Aaron Meshon

Release Date: January 3, 2017
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

A grandmother goes to great lengths to send her grandson a care package in this heartwarming and playful picture book. 

By truck… 
by train… 
by boat… 
by rocket… 
love can travel any road, ride any track, cross any ocean, and soar through any sky. 

Award-winning author-illustrator Aaron Meshon’s tender, whimsical, and almost wordless story celebrates love that knows no bounds.
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About the Author

Aaron Meshon is an illustrator and designer for magazines and products around the world, and the author-illustrator of several picture books, including Take Me Out to the Yakyu, Tools Rule!, and Delivery. Aaron lives with his wife, French bulldog, and son in Brooklyn, New York. Visit Aaron online at

Brief Review

As we order online and send our mail, we rarely stop to think about how our packages get from Point A to Point B. Meshon's illustrations take children through farms, oceans, and space to deliver a package to a very special little boy. A grandmother and her orange cat just remembered to send a package of cookies to her grandson on his special day. Each page is complete with large, colorful illustrations of the journey the package of cookies takes from the grandmother's house to its final destination. 

Each illustration highlights a different career, from mailman to fisherman to pilot, and each of those characters is diverse in race and gender (which we definitely need more of in our literature today). Once the cookies arrive, we're left with a little mystery as it appears the cookies didn't take such an elaborate journey after all. But grandmother's love is always worth the trip, short or long. 

There's nowhere that you can look on the pages without seeing color, so young readers will be able to spend a lot of time on each page and take in every part of the illustration. 

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