Wednesday, October 5, 2016

31 Days of Halloween (Books!): October 5. 2016

"A sprightly, original story with good twists."--Kirkus Reviews 

13 Days of Midnight by Leo Hunt

Release Date: July 12, 2016
Publisher: Candlewick
ISBN: 97807636778654
Paperback: $6.24 * 327 pages 

In the first of a new series, Luke's father (not a good relationship) dies suddenly leaves Luke an ghostly inheritance, literally: the Host, 8 vengeful spirits. Perfectly set around Halloween (therefore ideal for October reading, or re-reading as is my case).

When Luke Manchett's estranged father dies unexpectedly, he leaves his son a dark inheritance: his Host of eight unique, powerful, and restless spirits. Unfortunately, Luke has no clue to manage one ghost, let alone several. Armed only with his father's sigil, some indecipherable notes, and locked copy of The Book of Eight, Luke struggles to adapt to his new role as a necromancer.
Halloween, the night when the ghosts reach the height of their power, is fast approaching, and Luke knows his Host is planning far more trick than treat. With the help of school outcast Elza Moss, who knows a bit about ghosts herself, Luke has just thirteen days to uncover the closely guarded secrets of black magic and send his unquiet spirits to their eternal rest.
And if you thought it was going to be easy, you are dead wrong.
This is the third book in this book list so far that has featured an inheritance of some kind--must be something about scary stories and things not being what you think they are! At home with this mom, Luke receives an envelope, and he immediately knows his father is dead. Known publicly as the host of a paranormal show, Luke's father has never been around. The characters (once you begin to meet individual spirits) do become a little complicated with names and back stories, but overall, the story is entirely original and frightening. With the help of Elza (who has the ability to sense ghosts), Luke must find out how to stop the eight spirits before Halloween--because nothing good in a horror novel happens on Halloween, and in this case, it could cost Luke his life.

Perfectly appropriate for October reading (maybe not late night, lights out reading). I doubt this one one will be on my shelf long tomorrow!

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