Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Terror Tuesday: Website Promotion

Since I like movies, especially horror movies, I thought I would do a last minute Terror Tuesday and promote a website: Oh the Horror. While I'm normally pretty competitive when it comes to writing, (I did earn my high school's English award and Communication award...of course that was fifteen years ago), I have to bow down to one of the writers who just has to be my husband, Brett Gallman.

Since we started dating back in 2000, one of our commonalities has always been horror movies (but it was really Blink 182 and wrasslin' that brought us together). From a love of Freddy, Jason, and Michael to a strange love of The Visitor (still not sure I can totally explain that one) and Motel Hell, being a fan of horror movies is just something we do; it's a part of what makes us the couple we are. 

When the end of July comes barrelling at us and school (both high school teachers) is close to restarting, many people will begin to talk about the one word that doesn't make us sweat: Halloween. So while I want you to check out the reviews on the website right now (and we're talking an extensive A-Z list), make sure you return in October when the website really comes to life. 

So what kind of reviews will you find? Anything from 1958's I Bury the Living to the recent release of The Vatican Tapes.  The site has thousands of movie reviews in every horror subgenre. With Features like Hall of Fame (promoting treasures like 1987's The Lost Boys) and Unsung Heroes (with 1980's Tremors), you can spend hours reading about the movies you grew up with and the ones you wished you never saw. And whether you agree or disagree, respectfully, taking a ride down Elm Street is always fun, and so is remembering your favorite horror moments. 

When you're sitting around with nothing to do, twiddling your thumbs and counting down the days until October 1st (hey, September is not too early to start), head over to Oh the Horror  and just browse around. But beware, some of what you see or read may frighten you. But isn't that what we all want?

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