Saturday, September 27, 2014

Faces of the Dead by Suzanne Weyn

Release Date: August 26, 2014
Publisher: Scholastic
ARC: Scholastic

How cool would it be to have a friend who looks so much like you she could be your twin? In Suzanne Weyn's Faces of the Dead, Marie-Therese has that opportunity. She is the princess of France, the daughter of Marie Antoinette, and her chambermaid, Ernestine looks so much like Marie-Therese that many who work in the palace confuse them constantly.
Marie-Therese uses the physical similarities between the two to take advantage of the freedom of running around the streets of Paris while Ernestine steps in as princess and is given the chance to be royal, one that servants never even dreamed of. While roaming around Paris at the beginning of the French Revolution, Marie-Therese runs into Henri, a teenage boy who becomes Marie-Therese's closest companion.

Ernestine warns Marie-Therese that she doesn't want to see the real Paris and what's happening in the streets at the beginning of the revolution, and it doesn't take long for Marie-Therese to realize what it's like for those less fortunate. When Marie-Therese's family is threatened, she must decide what to do and whom to trust, all the while, Henri is changing the way Marie-Therese thinks about politics and her own beliefs.

I was really excited about this book because of the promised paranormal aspect, especially as we near October. However, the supernatural aspects never really came to fruition and neither did the hinted romance between Marie-Therese and Henri.

I don't gravitate toward historical fiction, but I thought the twist of introducing paranormal activity would be interesting and new. Without the full aspects of what a typical YA book contains, this book falls short in the end of what I expected.

Interesting paranormal concept that never really happens and leaves the reader wondering what could have been.

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